Power Vinyasa


Vinyasa meaning, “flow” or “to move without resistance. This class is dynamic, strong while using creative sequences and breathework to create heat and fire in the body. Leaving you feeling inspired, energized and clear for your day.


Yin Oclock



Using breath to create deeper states of relaxation we then allow the physical body to soften to certain poses for 4-6 minutes. Working on softening into the Fascia, ligaments and joints. Accessing hips, glutes and lower back.  Restoration, Rejuvenation and a wind down for your body and mind without the glass of wine in hand required.





.YogaBeats is pure fun: a primal, empowering and exhilarating flow driven by rhythm and music. I’ve created sequences that use dance, breathwork, functional movement and mindfulness, choreographed to awesome beats and even live music sets.

You’ll leave the class feeling uplifted and free, and you’ll feel a shift in energy, both physically and mentally.


The only limits you have are the ones you believe- Dr Wayne Dyer