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You show up for me, I show up for you.

Maddie has built her reputation on the energy she brings to a room. A Mindful Movement Teacher, Youth Mentor and Facilitator her classes are transformative, both mentally and physically.

Her passion is infectious; her spirit is electric; her lessons are potent. Maddie’s true alchemy is her ability as an energy-shifter. This is a woman who knows exactly who she is and exactly who she’s here for: YOU.


Maddie gained her certificate with Power Living RYT 200 Hour.  Yin training with Joe Barnett.  Maddie has a background in Olympic weightlifting. She came to yoga in 2013 to find better recovery and flexibility in her body, but found so much more than that. Maddie is living her passion and purpose in taking Yoga into various environments from Corporate workspaces, conferences and Retreats, Wellness Workshops, CrossFit Gyms and Festivals such as Splore 2018 & 2019 and recently NZ Spirit Festival. Sharing her gift and love of Yoga Maddie teaches in various Auckland studios.

Aware of the benefits Yoga and meditation bring to helping with mental health Maddie is also extremely passionate in working with Youth to give them tools that can help transform their lives and aid the everyday stresses and anxiety that can come with being a youth today. Maddie is a Youth Mentor and Yoga Teacher with The Kindness Institute and involved in their Atawhai Program. An non profit organization that gives young people the opportunity to learn Yoga and mindfulness tools to help them move through challenging times. To empower them to create a consistent practice that they can then share with others.

Maddie has also 4 years experiance teaching Barre method a class that uses Pilates, and dance principals to deliver a lengthening, strengthening based workout with focus on alignment, technique and posture.  

“There’s a lot more to yoga than shapes on the mat. There’s magic in the movement, and the movement is medicine.” Maddie discovered that yoga improved her stress levels, dissolved tension, improved sleep quality, and brought restoration of both physical and mental self.


I love being among nature and the elements. Hiking and learning to surf. Podcasting addict and enjoy a quality coffee and Incense burning. Mindful movement and deep breaths. Crossfit, dancing every where and anytime. Yoga. Lying in the sunshine and listening to the wind in the trees. Beats in my ears are like the beat of my heart and inspire my teachings. Brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Quality time over quantity time. Being a student. Seeing the joy in the small things and connecting with others.

Practicing gratitude daily and always acknowledging the joy in small things. Butterflies when I am about to Level Up and do something out of my comfort zone. Meeting and connecting with others.